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I CERN n_TOF experiment: 'Age of the Universe'

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    Exciting to see CERN coming back to experiments. Of interest is the n_TOF instruments to study the estimated age of the universe through neutron-induced reactions of the 'Rhenium-Osmium'cosmo-chronometer. Anyone have a more detail explanation of how this device works? The rhenium-osmium isotopic system provides one of the newest methods for radiometric dating in cosmo- and geochronology. See: http://www.geochronometria.pl/pdf/geo_27/Geo27_05.pdf

    See Cern for more information on this experiment. http://home.cern/about/updates/2017/04/accelerators-awaken
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    Where exactly do you see a connection?

    Rhenium-osmium is used to measure the age of things that formed significantly after the big bang. Direct measurements of the age of the universe are more precise.
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    Elemental indicators can only constrain the minimum age of the universe. It is widely believed that even elemental hydrogen and helium were not necessarily plentiful in the very early universe.
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