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Chamseddine/Connes new paper on noncommutative geometry standard model

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    What do you make of this recent paper of Chamseddine and Connes?

    Resilience of the Spectral Standard Model

    The version of the Standard Model based on a product of the spacetime manifold with a finite noncommutative space had previously predicted a Higgs mass of 170 GeV. Supposedly this paper presents a correction to this calculation that obtains 125 GeV, claiming that essentially a term was left out of the equation to produce 170 GeV that shouldn't have been. I am no expert on this topic though (I like noncommutative geometry but haven't gotten around to learning this specific application of it), so I am wondering if anyone has digested this paper enough to know whether this makes the NCG standard model relevant again or if it is just a trick to obtain the desired Higgs mass.

    Alain Connes also made a short blogpost here about the paper.
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    An update on this from Estrada and Marcolli

    Asymptotic safety, hypergeometric functions, and the Higgs mass in spectral action models

    I am surprised that I did not notice this paper sooner. This claims to achieve a realistic Higgs mass estimate using renormalization group equations instead of adding a scalar field to the model as in the Chamseddine Connes paper. Except, in the CC paper, they claim that the scalar field was already in the model, but was previously ignored. But again, I am not sophisticated enough to say much about it. Can anyone make sense of this?
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