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Changing the tick labels in MATLAB for each loop iteration

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    Suppose that I am plotting some data that corresponds to "i" different functions. So on the plot I have "i" number of curves on one plot. Instead of using a legend, I would like to label the y-axis x mark that corresponds to the function. I can do this using the set gca tick label function. Here's the catch, the plotting of the "i" number of curves repeats for "k" times. Each "kth" iteration, the number of curves on the plot may or may not be the same as the previous "k" iteration. I can create an array based on "i" which would label the y tick marks but I want to include the letter "N" followed by the "ith" curve". See attached figures. Right now I have to do the labeling manually for each iteration.

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    http://www.mathworks.com/help/techdoc/creating_plots/f6-7929.html#f6-27773 [Broken]
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    I've tried using that and it doesn't work for what I need. I need the letter "N" then followed by the basis function number "i" then "," followed by the iteration number "k". So for the first iteration starting at the top most line I'll have something like N0,1, N1,1, N2,1...For the second iteration I'll have something like N0,2, N1,2, N2,2...However I can't just set the tick label because for each iteration, I might have a different number of basis functions to label.
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