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Chaos (Non-Linear Dynamics) Driven Damped Pendulum

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    I want to investigate the phenomenon of Chaos in the form of how its driving amplitude affects _____, in a driven, damped pendulum, using a computer simulation given.

    Initially I was looking at 'degree of chaos' for the dependent variable - to measure this I wanted to use the Lyapunov exponent, however I do not know how to calculate this.

    1) Is there a simple way to calculate this? If not,
    2) Are there any other ways I can measure the 'degree of chaos' of this driven damped pendulum? If not,
    3) Are there any other possible things I can set as a dependent variable? With the system being chaotic, I do not know if I can measure any sort of correlation between two variables....

    Thank you SO MUCH for your help!!
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    For most pendulum type problems, you need two degrees of freedom (coordinates) to have chaos.
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    Yes, the driven damped pendulum is the addition of a torque, or force, to a simple pendulum with gravity and damping - there are 3 forces acting on it which makes it chaotic.
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