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Homework Help: Check a , h , k are correct or ?

  1. Oct 13, 2009 #1
    check a , h , k are correct or ?

    If no correct can put the solve in paper to understand more

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    You'll get a quicker reply if you post your problem directly in the message box. Attachments can sometimes take many hours to be approved, and they can't be opened until they're approved.
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    So it's now 12 hours later, and your attachment is still pending. That's a lot of time wasted if you were looking for an answer.
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    First your original equation is written wrong. What you have written is "4x^2+ 12- 9" when I am sure you meant 4x^2+ 12 x+ 9.
    After that, everything looks okay until part (3).

    You have
    Where did you get that "-24"? 4(-3/2)^2= 4(9/4)= 9 so your equation should be 9= 9+ k and that leads to k= 9- 9= 0

    I had a bit of difficulty deciphering you handwriting (for a while, I thought your "k" was "15" or "19"!). That often happens when handwritten materials are scanned into the computer. Also, as Mark44 said, it can take a long time for attachments to be approved. If you expect people to take the trouble to help you, at least take the trouble to type something that simple in yourself. It would be best to learn LaTex but I refrained from using using LaTex to show how easy it is to type in something like a polynomial.
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