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Homework Help: Chemical Equilibrium of Reaction's constant?

  1. Feb 13, 2014 #1
    I'm currently studying for a test and I'm having problem with this concept:

    If I have 3 different Equilibrium constants for different reactions like Kc=103, Kc=1 and KC=10-4, which one's forward reaction is most favorable, and which one's reverse reaction is most favorable?

    Maybe it's the way the question is stated but I have a good understanding of most of the things in this chapter, this one doesn't make sense at all. Can anyone please help? Thank you very much.
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    The equilibrium constant is the ratio of the kinetic rate constant for the forward reaction to the kinetic rate constant for the reverse reaction.
  4. Feb 13, 2014 #3
    Thank you for replying. I understand that part, but what I'm having a hard time with is how to determine from different constants which movement(forward or backward) will be favorable(or not so).
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    If K is high, then the forward reaction is favored over the reverse reaction. If K is low, then the reverse reaction is favored over the forward reaction.
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    But why is this so- perhaps algebraically? My teacher told me something like this but I couldn't make out the reasoning behind it. Thank you.
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    Write the equilibrium constant for the reaction

    A -> B

    If it is higher than 1 - which substance is in the excess? Where does the equilibrium lie, on the left, or on the right?

    And if it is lower than 1?
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    For the reaction that Borek wrote, the kinetic expression at equilibrium is:


    Now solve algebraically for the equilibrium constant /[A]. This should be in your textbook.

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