Chemical/nuclear engineering double major

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Im going to try to transfer into uc berkeley, and they offer a double major in chemical and nuclear engineering. Does anyone have any idea of how the workload for the double major compares to just taking chemical?
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Nuclear engineering programs tend to be pretty rigorous, but it's doable. I've seen NE/EE double majors.
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It depends on the school. I know at my school, NEs have a grand total of 3 classes to take as electives, all of which must be 3000+ level technical courses. You'd almost be doing two entire bachelor degrees if you wanted to double major in NE.
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So I'm guessing a lot of the coursework don't overlap, huh?

Would a Chem E and Nuclear E be more compatible? I only ask this because I do know that Mech E and Aerospace E are similar in many aspects, differing only in the upper division courses.

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