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Chemicals With Chlorinated Solvents

  1. Mar 20, 2013 #1
    I am taking the OSHA 30 course as a requirement of a job and came across some information regarding the danger of welding on materials that have had chlorinated solvents applied. Being someone who manages industrial construction projects, but often doesn't supervise welding operations, I am not familiar with a chemical product commonly in use for metal working applications that would have chlorine in it.

    Is there a list available of common products that contain chlorinated solvents? So far, I am only seeing lists of chemical compounds, not off the shelf brand names that would be used for welding applications.

    (Yes, I know bleach contains chlorine, I am looking for something that is likely to be used in metal working applications).
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    Degreasing solvents containing methylene chloride or chloroform or carbon tetrachloride or the various chlorinated versions of ethylene are what is being discussed.

    CRC Brakleen contains tri and tetrachloroethylene. It is also sold as CRC Heavy Duty Degreaser.
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