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Chloride test question (Mohr's method)

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    I'm going to try my first chemistry experiment.


    I bought 35g of potassium chromate and 5g of silver nitrate.

    5g of silver nitrate is only enough for one test. What should I do with the silver afterwards? Is it possible to turn it back into 5g of silver nitrate to redo the test again?
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    Depends on the local regulations considering hazardous materials. In general, you should check what they are before trying any experiments.

    Yes and no. Yes, there are ways of recycling silver from the waste. No, you will never get exactly 100% back.

    Question is if you can afford recycling - for small samples, with non-existing lab and zero experience, it will be much more costly than the recovered silver (if you will recover anything at all).
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    You could mix the silver chloride with about an equal amount of NaCl and grind it, adding little water until you get a fine paste. When you rub some copper object with it, you will depose a shiny sheet of silver on it.
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