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Choosing a college that will help with future employment

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    Previously I have posted the following thread

    basically I'm thinking about working in the semiconductor industry and am planning on getting a master's degree in the states after I finish my honour's in new zealand.

    now I look back at that thread I found two problems:

    1) "working in semiconductor industry" is a really broad term and can mean anything, so I had a few weeks to think about it I have pretty much figured out I want to focus on design and fabrication of integrated circuits and digital logic design.

    2) I posted in the careers forum when I actually need advice on which college I should go to to complete my education. (which is why I posted this thread in this forum)

    so I now I want to ask the wonderful people in PF the following questions:

    1) considering how I will want to focus on design and fabrication of integrated circuits and digital logic design, does that mean I should focus on Electrical Engineering departments when looking at the colleges I am going to apply for? I have seen other disciplines such as electronics enginnering and computer engineering but I have the impression that they are more specialized field of electrical engineering mixed with a few others such as computer science, is that correct or am I talking garbage?

    2) say I want to focus on electrical engineering, which college will have strengths in this area? The first name that popped into my head is Stanford due to their links with silicon valley. But, being one of those universities at the very top of just about everyone's ranking lists probably means I will have very little chance of squeezing in. (I have an overall GPA around A- in my degree so far)
    My future employers wouldn't really care about which university I went to will they? As long as it doesn't sound like a factory that prints out certificates to anyone that pays.
    I think what is probably more important (and the main reason I want to do postgrad in the states) is a college located where I can conveniently find internship opportunities. Is there some sort of collaration between colleges and companies?
    The colleges in the bay area look good, and there are also a few semiconductor companies in austin, texas. But I don't want to dive in head first before I know what I am really doing

    TL;DR: I want to made silicon chips, will need to find a college in US to do masters, which ones are ideal?

    Thanks in advance :)
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    A.1) It is hard to generalize here, hence check each department individually.

    A.2) There are many good universities in the US that deal with semiconductors, e.g. Purdue (some of their courses are available for free at www.nanohub.org), UIUC, U. of California (SB,B), RPI and others.
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    I would imagine Cal Poly would have a good program
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    thanks, I think this gives me a rough idea of the cluster of universities I will apply for.
    Still have a bit of time to decided though, but right now I should probably focus on the getting the grades I need to be accepted XD

    thanks again
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