What is Employment: Definition and 68 Discussions

Employment is a relationship between two parties, usually based on contract where work is paid for, where one party, which may be a corporation, for profit, not-for-profit organization, co-operative or other entity is the employer and the other is the employee. Employees work in return for payment, which may be in the form of an hourly wage, by piecework or an annual salary, depending on the type of work an employee does or which sector they are working in. Employees in some fields or sectors may receive gratuities, bonus payment or stock options. In some types of employment, employees may receive benefits in addition to payment. Benefits can include health insurance, housing, disability insurance or use of a gym. Employment is typically governed by employment laws, organisation or legal contracts.

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  1. brymcfly21

    Job Skills After a BS in physics, what are the skills needed for employment?

    Hello all, So I am looking for advice on what my next move should be after graduating with my bachelors in physics this May. I have quality engineering internship experience but every job I’ve applied to only wants to hire people with actually engineering experience and not entry level type...
  2. CrunchBerries

    Physics Employment Prospects of a BSc in Space Science

    Is a BSc in space science regarded as a valid/competitive degree? It looks like a relatively newer degree. I am currently in Space Science, which is a major in Pnysics with a focus on orbital mechanics and space mission management. Basically I am just looking for an industry outlook/opinion on...
  3. T

    Physics Experienced Medical Physicists looking for employment in Dubai

    Hi, My partner and I are both UK state registered medical physicists in radiotherapy. We are currently looking to relocate to Dubai but I'm having difficulty finding any jobs online. I can find plenty for other Emirates but we are specifically looking for Dubai. I know if a physicist was...
  4. S

    Job Skills Alternative new methods regaining former type of employment?

    I'm curious if anyone/any member of the forum has used newer methods like twitter, to try to regain employment in some earlier type of work that one had from a long time ago. Instead of the typical job search of going to advertisements, calling companies, finding managers to talk to by phone...
  5. M

    Schools Which field of study has the highest professor employment?

    Hi, I was wondering what stem field has the greatest likely hood to employ one as a professor at a university. I am deciding between mathematics, physics and computer science. My father is a professor in computer science but I am not entirely sure which field I want to become a professor in(or...
  6. V

    Physics Do University Rankings Impact Silicon Quantum Computing PhD Career Prospects?

    First of all, I personally couldn't care less about rankings; however, a future employer might. For my PhD I am thinking of applying to schools with groups in silicon quantum computing, and the two places whose research I have read a lot about are Princeton (Petta) and UNSW (Morello, Simmons...
  7. T

    Future fields of employment that will grow rapidly

    What fields in the future do you see blowing up? Will all the automated truck drivers and grocery clerks become software engineers? I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately.
  8. Sullivan Stockwell

    Physics Astronomer and Astrophysicist Employment

    Not sure if this is the right place, but I don’t know where else to post it. Astronomers and astrophysicists seem to be pretty similar these days. By first obtaining a degree in physics related to these careers, are these career paths almost interchangeable? (Considering that astronomers might...
  9. H

    Are We Living in the Matrix? Tech Billionaires Think So!

    Jobs available; https://www.google.com.au/amp/www.cnbc.com/amp/2016/10/07/tech-billionaires-think-we-live-in-the-matrix-and-have-asked-scientists-to-get-us-out.html?client=ms-android-telstra-au&espv=1
  10. majormuss

    Job Skills Suggestions for GAP year employment

    Hi all, I am currently taking a year off after graduating with my bachelors in physics. Hence I have a year to either work (really need to make money) or travel. I have a feeling that if I applied to a full-time job and left after a year, it would be a form of betrayal. Is it wise to...
  11. A

    Other Academia, Industry, or National Labs?

    What do you guys think is the best area to be employed in? Depending on various degree levels, which area is better for undergraduates, graduates, or those who already obtained a degree? Which area is more helpful for getting into graduate school (if you're an undergrad) and which area has more...
  12. Nascent2e3

    Programs Grad Program for Space Employment

    First off, forgive me if this question has been posted and answered prior. I'm a non-traditional physics student and should complete my BS degree in December of this year; I have a previous BA in English, for whatever that's worth (the market says it's not worth much). I'm looking to attend...
  13. J

    Engineering Biomedical Engineering PhD, data science, and Employment

    I have a B.S. in physics, I am currently in a non-thesis Master of Engineering in Mechanical/Biomedical engineering and set to graduate in the spring. I have been working in a lab to pick up some extra cash and skills over the past 7 months. Mainly what I have been doing is applying data science...
  14. T

    Best specialities for employment after physics Ph.D

    Hello everyone! I am finishing up my junior year as a double major in electrical engineering and mathematics plus a physics minor. I have done a summer REU in experimental particle physics and am currently writing a physics paper with a professor at my university. I think this up and coming...
  15. H Smith 94

    What physics job do you do and how do you find it?

    Hi, I'm wondering what jobs there are available in the field of physics, outside of academic research. What job do you do and do you enjoy it? Do you feel it uses your skills as a physicist well? I know there are lots of jobs that involve hefty amounts of engineering (I currently do one!)...
  16. N

    Employment in Medical Physics?

    I was not sure whether to put this here or not. I am a BS physics student, originally I planed to pursue Ph.D but due to financial problems first I need to get a job and then maybe a Ph.D? However, I was wondering how is medical physics for getting a job? and I have some questions 1) How...
  17. FocusMiah

    Questions about future employment

    I had some questions about future employment in the field. First, I would like to know what is needed to help get my foot in the door at any given company. What items are needed, such as a resume, portfolio, or any other important documents? I know that teams are a large part of any...
  18. Saracen Rue

    Probability of Vacation Employment During Christmas Holidays

    Homework Statement During the Christmas holidays, 42 students from a group of 85 students found vacation employment while 73 students went away for holidays. Assuming that every student had at least a job or went on a holiday, what is the probability that a randomly selected student worked...
  19. N

    Programs How employable is astrophysics with a CS minor?

    I'm considering getting a major in astrophysics and a minor in computer science. First of all, would an astrophysics major preclude me from studying, say, particle particle physics, in graduate school? I want to take a couple astro classes and my parents think astrophysics sounds "smarter" than...
  20. T

    B.S. in Mech.E. But lost interest, and can't find employment

    Hi, so I recently graduated with a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering this past Spring. Since January I've been looking for employment, but I've had 0 luck. I have a 3.945 GPA and graduated magna cum laude, involvement in honor societies Phi Kappa Phi, Pi Tau Sigma, but I don't think that really...
  21. H

    Engineering Software Engineering Bachelors and future employment

    In two years, if I decide to go into software engineering, would the outcome be bad? I guess I would like to understand what the community here thinks about this, specifically factors relating to demand of the majors, outsource-ability, over-saturation and so on... What do you guys think...
  22. T

    Programs Best double major with math for employment?

    Hello everyone, I am a community college student and plan to transfer to a UC for a mathematics major. I am very interested in pure mathematics and all of my math professors (those with phds) say I would be exceptionally good at it. I am still worried about getting a career though. Possible...
  23. B

    Technical degree and employment?

    I've just been doing some research, I came across an article about CS and then I went down into the comments and there were many people complaining about having chosen CS as a degree in that the prospects were paltry. Although a few said otherwise... Now that brings me to my question, what do...
  24. M

    Programs What is the employment outlook for a B.Sc degree in nanoscience?

    I'm currently an Commerce student in second year university, and the material is so painfully dry that I can't take it anymore. I've always had an interest in physical chemistry and electrical engineering, and I'm now planning on switching into nanoscience. However, I'm pretty concerned about...
  25. S

    Outsourcing and future employment opportunities.

    Hi, I would like to know your opinion about the effect that outsourcing will have on engineers/scientists of the future. This is concerning me greatly at the present moment, as I would like employment after graduating!
  26. G

    Physics Employment prospects of a physicist

    In the US, roughly 1500 PhDs are granted in Physics every year. The goal of this thread is to ascertain, by your best estimates, how many of those 1500 will be able to achieve some sort of advancement in the field. Of the 1500, how many will be accepted to a postdoctoral position (Whether it...
  27. D

    Summer Employment Advice Needed

    Hey I'm intending to get a B.A. in Physics and have started taking courses within the major this semester. Since I'm starting out in Mechanics, I didn't think that I had a good enough background to apply for REUs. Any advice on what I should do this summer (I can't afford to take classes)...
  28. A

    Aero employment looking hopeless

    So I graduated back in Dec. 2011 with an aerospace bachelors and have been applying ever since here and there. I spoke with an acquaintance in the field who gave me some advice after about 8 months after graduating. He had told me my resume was horrible so I revamped the whole thing with his...
  29. B

    Is Thomas Campbell's Education and Work Experience Valid?

    The credentials and employment history of Thomas Campbell, author of "My Big TOE". Hello guys. I am currently embroiled in writing a paper on the limitations of the standard scientific method and wish to reference Thomas Campbell's work in said paper. On his website, and during interviews and...
  30. C

    Engineering Employment Prospects for Engineering?

    So I would like to major in engineering, but what I am wondering about is, does anyone know what the employment prospects are for engineers right now? I've been doing some Googling, and the only views I keep seeing are that either the prospects are great, or that you have to be nuts to major in...
  31. S

    Computer Engineering Student's Journey to Full-Time Employment

    So I am a computer engineering student in FL (USA), about 2 semesters to graduate... I got a co-op job as a Software Engineer, I am working about 30 a week and making around $20 per hour.. When i stared here 2 month ago, they had a guy that was making i think 70k per year (but he was hired by...
  32. Greg Bernhardt

    Proposed Bill Would Outlaw Facebook Account Access As Employment Requirement

    Last night in class, as we were discussing privacy issues, which is always a hot topic. Someone raised the very disturbing news that employers have begun to demand access to applicants’ Facebook profiles as a condition of considering them for … Continue reading...
  33. A

    Best Computer Language for Employment

    Hi All I am very new here and therefore apologise if there is a thread on this but - I am researching my PhD in Astrophysics and Planetary Science (2nd year) and am starting to think about future employment. I am a little undecided whether to remain in academia (which I am slightly...
  34. H

    Engineering physics employment prospects

    Hello, I recently developed an interest in the engineering physics program. The best engineering physics program in Canada is at UBC and U of T: take a look at the courses http://www.engphys.ubc.ca/courses/course-tables/ All the courses sound very interesting to me, and it definitely sounds...
  35. wukunlin

    Schools Choosing a college that will help with future employment

    Previously I have posted the following thread https://www.physicsforums.com/showthread.php?t=519140 basically I'm thinking about working in the semiconductor industry and am planning on getting a master's degree in the states after I finish my honour's in new zealand. now I look back at...
  36. L

    Physics Graduating Physics Major needs Employment Advice

    I'll be graduating soon and don't really want to go to grad school. My heart is just not in it anymore and I want to start "living" outside of the context of school for once. I don't have any internships or anything to make me particularly attractive besides pretty good grades. A few years...
  37. H

    Conflicting employment information

    First, sorry if this thread ends up repeating some information covered elsewhere. Alright, OUTSIDE of academia, how are people with math/applied math/physics PhDs (not engineering) faring in the job search? On the one hand I'm hearing from everyone that the unemployment of science PhD holders...
  38. Z

    Schools Disadvantages of employment before deciding on graduate school?

    Right now, I am working towards a BS in physics and applied math, and I have been planning on applying for physics PhD programs next year. However, I would really like to have some time away from academia. I think employment would help secure my finances, better allow me to develop my personal...
  39. M

    Physics What are the options for Physics graduates beyond teaching and finance?

    What kind of jobs could a Physics graduate be looking at which does not involve teaching apathetic little bastards in high school? (generalisation, I know but I was one of them for the most part of my high school life and I don't want to have to deal with a whole bunch of those on a daily basis)...
  40. G

    News I really see no hope for employment in the US

    The US chemical industry has lost 66,000 jobs since 2007. Let's face reality here, many, many of these jobs are never coming back, they are all now in China and India. I'm sure people who have experience working with outsourcing companies know this firsthand. At my old job I was repeatedly...
  41. D

    Anyone clued up on there employment law?

    i work for an aluminium window firm, and recently had to goto a building site to correct a fault with a window our company had supplied to a building firm, while there i fell down a whole which was covered with a rubber bin lid and wasnt marked or secured, and i injured my foot and ankle. after...
  42. M

    Physics Is employment easy to get outside academia for physics Ph.D.'s?

    I know that most physics Ph.D's end up in wall street and jobs in finance etc. And I do know of the scarce jobs within academia. And so my question is, that is getting a job elsewhere, for instance wall street, nearly a cakewalk for a physics Ph.D. or is there a similar kind of struggle there...
  43. K

    Engineering Engineering Physics degree and employment

    I'm a 2nd year Engineering Physics and Mathematics major, and I have loved all the classes I have taken thus far. I took some college classes in high school and received some credit through AP tests, so I'm already a semester and 1/2 ahead of most of my peers. I plan on going to grad school for...
  44. N

    News More Demand for Goods and Services will Create More Employment ?

    I find it incredible that so many economists and smart people still believe that "More Demand for Goods and Services will Create More Employment". This no longer holds: 1) We live in mostly automatic societies - economies where most work is no longer needed, is automated, is optimized and...
  45. 1

    Physics Employment Opportunities for a Medical Physics PhD

    Hi, I'm already in graduate school for a Physics Phd. I got to know that a faculty member is looking to supervise a graduate student for a biophysics/medical physics PhD. I don't know much about the subject. Would I be able to get employed in the industry afterwards? Could I get into...
  46. 1

    Physics Non-Academic employment after getting a PhD in Astrophysics?

    Hi, I'm a graduate student, one semester into a physics PhD. I'm still doing the core courses and haven't started the specialized courses yet, but I started wanting to become an astronomer. I was aware of the lack of jobs, and I wanted to do computational astronomy in particular, in the hope...
  47. B

    Physics Physicist employment statistics?

    Once you become a physicist how hard is it to get a job in the field (any field)? Is it bleak and nearly hopeless or is it easier than I think it is. I don't really want a job at a university so are the many opportunities at other places for research? Does anyone know where I could find any...
  48. P

    Employment areas with PhD in Pure Maths?

    Employment areas with PhD in Pure Maths?? I am currently filling out my graduate school applications for PhD in Algebraic topology and there are a lot of questions asking about my career goals. So I was wondering what are the employment opportunities for a person with PhD in Algebraic...
  49. A

    Exploring the Employment Gap & MRP: Suggesting Reasons & Solutions

    I've come across a question which talks about the employment gap and asks me to suggest reasons on how it would occur. I thought better qualification could improve skills. I got this correct but I have to expand. Can someone explain how I can talk about MRP? Thanks in advance. :smile:
  50. C

    Physics Employment: What Are Physics Majors Doing After Graduation?

    I'm set to start university this fall but the problem is I can't decide on what to major in. I've been thinking about majoring in Physics for the past few months because I really liked Physics and Calculus in high school and did pretty well in them. The only problem with majoring in Physics is...