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Choosing an Engineering Specialisation

  1. Jul 12, 2013 #1
    Hi, I'm currently in my first year of engineering.. and I'm coming to the time where I need to decide which specialisation I want to do. My options are currently: Mechanical, Mechatronics, Electrical/Electronics, Biomedical, Civil, Computer Systems and Software Engineering. I'm pretty stuck and I can see the appeal in all fields.

    Initially I was going to enter architecture, but since the filed is quite narrow, I ended up doing engineering. I am a creative person who likes to design, studious, and was described as "will do something creative with her hands" when I was a child. Also, I used to have an interest in Airplanes, trains, bridges and that sort of stuff.. as well as nature, with a particular interest in earthquakes and volcanoes.. but I also understand the increasing importance of more of the IT dept side of things involving computers and electrical.

    I think what's really holding me back is what type of impact I want to have in the world, cuz I guess in the end whichever discipline I choose, I'll be supporting the "movement" its heading to.

    If you guys could offer some advice to what I'd be more suited to and what direction that discipline is heading towards / aiming to achieve in the long run..
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    Depends on how much work you care to invest in the future. Mechanical is pretty low maintenance, as is civil. The balance will require a career long commitment to continuing education. Your knowledge will can easily become obsolete overnight in those fields.
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