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Choosing between 2nd and 3rd tier schools

  1. Feb 2, 2007 #1
    I'm considering Ohio University (where I did my undergrad) and West Virginia University for my phd. Currently, I'm a msc student at a podunk university in Dayton, OH - Wright State U.

    As far as I know, both OU and WVU are of equal standing in rankings. I know faculty at both schools, and both schools have some excellent scientists. It seems they have more of a research orientation at wvu whereas OU is more rounded.

    Their stipends are comparable, so this is not a discriminating factor.

    My question is that given their comparable status, which should I choose? Obviously I must consider personal factors such as where I want to live, etc... but does anyone think one school would be superior to the other?
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    Ohio comes first alphabetically, so the obvious choice is West V.
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    You forgot to indicate what you will be majoring in.

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    My bad.

    Physics... as far as my specific research area, I am looking into either experimental (preferred) or computational condensed matter.
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    look at the list of faculty, and their research interests, and at the course offerings, and the degree requirements, and at the job placement records if available. consider also the housing availability, the stipends, the proximity to thigns of interest to you and your wife.

    go with the one that you think yuo will enjoy the most. a PhD is along ahrd road - you havr to be having some fun to complete it well.

    don't worry, you'll do fine. as sylvanus p thompson said, what one fool can do, another can!
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