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Choosing where to go for my undergrad

  1. Sep 19, 2011 #1
    So I have 3 schools on my list of where I want to go when I graduate high school. I'm a senior this year going to graduate and major in physics. I live in Idaho.

    My three schools right now are Whitman College, Colorado School of Mines, and Idaho State University. Whitman is at the moment my top school since it looks like a really good school and I think I'll like a liberal arts school. I want to go to mines since they have good programs and I think I'd like Denver. Idaho State is my last choice because ill be able to go there for (almost) free and there program is the best in Idaho.

    I already applied to Mines, I'm not worrying about ISU, but my big question is if I have a good chance oJf getting into Whitman. At the moment I have a 3.6 weighted GPA (3.4ish unweighted), but it'll go up to around 3.7 this year, 3.8 at the max. First time I took the ACT got a 25, but I know I can do better (I died a little when I got news of this score). So I'm retaking it in October and I know I'll do better since I won't be sick. My SAT was pretty bad too. Like a 1240 or something on a 1600 scale. But I'm going to retake it a few times this year probably (both tests a few times accually).
    I'm a first generation college student, Jewish, 50% Russian, fairly active in school and community (4 page activities resume, 1 year cross country, 100s of hours of community service). Do you think I have a good chance of getting in?

    Also should I apply early decision to Whitman? It's my top school so I won't mind having to go there come next fall. Or should I wait for better test scores/higher GPA?

    Thanks for reading all of that!

    PS Any other schools you would recommend I look at?
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  3. Sep 19, 2011 #2
    My advice is apply then worry about which to go to. For all I know, you can get rejected by all of them or can not afford any of them. Try adding more schools onto that list.
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