Christopher Hitchens has died (1949-2011)

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    He was a great man. I may not have always agreed with what he said, but I have so much respect for him.

    He will be missed indeed.
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    Such a loss. Agree or disagree? At least you'd have to consider his words and the thoughts behind them. I was so sad at the loss of WFBuckley, not because I could always agree with him, but because I could always consider his point of view and tease out the reasons WHY I might agree or disagree. Not an easy thing to do these days (or even back then) when politics and political discourse can be so polarized.
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    Christopher Hitchens passes away :(

    Wasn't sure where to put this, if its already been posted--please feel free to move/merge/delete topic.

    Sad news Christopher Hitchens finally passed away from his cancer. :(

  5. Who was he?
  6. He was a prominent anti-theist. Somewhat well known for his political backing of the Iraq Invasion.

    He spoke out strongly against religion and claimed that it was a primary source for hatred in the world. He was quite a stubborn and confrontational man, but those who knew him well speak very highly of his honour and compassion.

    Great speaker, even better writer. A google search last week would have turned up a much better answer to your you'll just get a bunch of stuff about his death.

    EDIT: Here is a debate with Hitchens and Steven Fry facing off against two theists, a British MP, and a Cardinal of the church I believe. -
    This one was fun to watch but Hitchen's and Fry's opponents were outclassed.
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    He was a prominent journalist, author and speaker on current affairs. He was very confrontational and didn't mind who he offended, he was anti-religion, anti-totalitarianism and above all wanted democracy for all.

    Begin here;
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    I'll really miss his commentary. I enjoy listening to his debates.
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    I'd hate to be on the other side of the stage in his debates. That's why I compare his loss to William F. Buckley. Not just quick-witted, but well-informed, thoughtful and insightful. You might agree or disagree with him, but you'd be ill-advised to ignore his reasoning.
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    I always found it amazing that he was able to tolerate the rubbish that was put to him in debates. He treated unreason with courtesy far beyond its deserves.
  13. He died on the day Iraq war was officially ended.
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    RIP Hitch!
  15. A couple of Hitchens videos:
    3xeK7R-TgHI[/youtube] [
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    Agree. Courageous man.
  17. Hi.
    He may well be right on in stating this. I agree with him.
    But a person who does not have a higher power does not Rest in peace. What Rest? Where is the in? And as much as I would want this for everyone, what peace? More like gone and will be missed.
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    What's it called when people take a figure of speech literally? I've always wondered this.
  19. I liked Buckley and Hitchens mainly because of their styles. They had the 'gift of phrase', so to speak. But I feel sure that that ability also required a lot of concentrated study and thought. I especially liked Hitchens because of his atheism and some of his straightforward and yet eloquent arguments following an assumption of the existence of the Christian God, which make clear, imo, the absurdity of assuming the existence of such an entity in the first place. As well as his statements regarding the self-aggrandizement of the clergy, the hypocrisy and willful ignorance of the 'faithful', and the dangers of considering the pre-Enlightenment dogmas of the church (or mosque or synagogue) as being in any sense off limits to criticism and even ridicule.
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