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Citing objections in a poster presentation

  1. Sep 29, 2009 #1
    i'm doing a poster presentation of a paper i have written and would like to include both objections and agreement with the paper in a separate box for each called strengths and weaknesses

    if for example a journal editor gave me a lot of corrections or weaknesses which helped develop particular models can i incorporate them and mention how his feedback helped illustrate a weakness of the model ?

    I'm going to write to them anyway, but just in case they don't get back in time i would be wondering what its ok to quote..e.g. in a paper you can say something like (personal correspondence, smith 2009)
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    I don't think I understand why anyone would want to do something like this.

    The point of a poster is to showcase your research. It's usually not the place to cite objections or criticisms from journal editors.

    Imagine, for example, I am a professor in your field. I come strolling along down the poster aisle and stop in front of your poster. What do you want me to see?

    In general I like to see:
    - a clear presentation of the problem you're working on
    - a quick summary of the methodology used
    - the important results this work has generated
    - a few brief discussion points

    People don't want to see a history of the project in a poster. If they want details, they'll ask. The poster is, in my opinion, supposed to serve as both a trigger and reference point for discussion of your work.

    Of course, it's a poster. You can really do what you want with it. But my experience has found that you'll get a lot more interest if you keep it consise.
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