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Civil Engineering Vs Architecture?

  1. Apr 20, 2008 #1
    I have read quite a few sources about the differences between them but i'm, still in a dilema.

    Which subject is more related to house building and structure, i know civil engineer goes way beyond houses, to huge structures etc. But can one still do a degree in architecture and be licensed to do the actual mechanics behind the structures of houses

    I know the questions are abit vague, but as is my knowledge on the matter.
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  3. Apr 20, 2008 #2
    I've been told (by an architect) you don't need an engineer to build a house because it is a very simplistic design.

    Civil engineers I have been told deal mostly with roads, drainage (hydrology) and concrete structures. In some areas they're also involved with mining and geological engineering. Thats all I can tell you because that is a lot of what they do over here.
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    Of course you don't need an engineer to build (most) simple houses - at least our present contractor and most in general do very fine without one, and all of which I know have absolutely zero post-secondary education under their belt.

    As mentioned before, civil engineers are brought in to work with much bigger projects.
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