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Civil vs Mechanical Engineering - Structural

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    I am currently a sophomore Civil Engineering student, however I'm not sure whether I should be studying civil or mechanical (based off what I want to get into). Basically, I want to specialize at some point in the structural aspect, however, I know each field branches off into this category.

    I want to deal more so with large structures (buildings, bridges, etc) and I'm particularly interested in waves (seismic waves). My adviser told me to stay with CE, however, ME's actually take a class that deal with vibrations (I don't think CE's take any classes on this stuff in undergrad).

    So, is this specific area of structural engineering more involved within the CE or ME field?
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    Stay with civil engineering for structural work. The reason: structural calculations are PE stamped by civil engineers and tied to building codes. While mechanical engineering is tied to piping codes, boiler & pressure vessel code, and machine design.

    BTW, structural engineering is a very interesting profession. I am a practicing mechanical engineer, but perform quite a bit of structural calculations.
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    Alright, cool. Thanks.
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