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Civil vs. Mechanical Engineering (for 2nd semester 2008)

Which one shall be me ?

Poll closed Apr 1, 2009.
  1. Civil Engineer

    1 vote(s)
  2. Mechanical Engineer

    2 vote(s)
  1. May 16, 2008 #1
    I'm near the end of my 1st semester of 1st year engineering and I need to decide which electives to study for next semester relevant to either major but definitely for 2nd year
    (provided I don't fail my current subjects and also my current subjects are common to all Engineering students).
    I'll pick the electives but you can provide me with your opinions and facts on either engineering major.
    Here's what I think.


    - I have more friends here
    - Things that don't move are better to deal with but ...
    - Programming in Visual Basic

    - We build targets (as opposed to Mechanical Engineers who build weapons)
    - Not entirely my cup of coffee, static objects aren't that fun ...


    - Automotive industry
    - We build weapons (as opposed to Civil Engineers who build weapons)
    - Very traditional yet adaptable
    - Makes good use of Mechanics I learnt in Physics

    - Less friends
    - Dropped the C programming course for the Visual Basic programming course exclusive to engineers much earlier
    - Projects in the final year ... what to design ???

    I ruled out Electrical because I don't like to study higher physics (but complex numbers is fine) and Mechatronics is much more complicated.
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  3. May 16, 2008 #2
    Um, WTF? Weapons and targets?
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