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Civil Engineering or Mechanical Engineering Technology

  1. Mar 31, 2015 #1
    Hello, all. I am currently a Junior in Mechanical Engineering. I was doing really well up until this current semester and my grades are starting to get lower and I have been losing interest in the material. I am considering switching to civil because their technical gpa requirements are a bit more lenient and I also have a thorough construction background so it is more applicable to me. However, I was also contemplating possible switching to MET, but I have read a lot of info about salary statistics and job out look for METs and it makes me very hesistent. Would it be better for me to get the Real Engineering degree in the long-run as opposed to a Technology degree? Thanks for your insight!
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    Yes, a real ABET accredited engineering degree is worth considerably more than an engineering technology degree (even if it is also ABET accredited). Why? Because if you want to become a licensed engineer, you only need about 4 years of experience vs 8 years with an engineering technology degree.

    Construction engineering inside of the building values Mech engineers. On a personal observation though, often Civil engineers run the projects. But that could be simply because they are first on the project to landscape the site and work with the Architects first. And Civil engineers almost always need to be licensed to keep themselves employed where as a Mech engineer doesn't have to be licensed to keep himself employed (although it does help, both in employment and salary).

    If you decide to take the easier route now, rest assured, you will be taking a hit in future salary or hitting your head on a much lower ceiling of career advancement.

    With a technology degree, large companies often look at you as a senior tech vs engineer. Smaller companies may bring you aboard as an engineer, but you will be on the lowest (least paid) rung of the ladder.
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    Awesome. Thanks for your input! That's what I needed to hear to assure myself from not taking that route. I appreciate your insight.
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