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Job Skills Claiming degree on resume before receiving it

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    I just applied for my associates degree several days ago from the local community college. I had to meet with an adviser to make sure I had all my required courses completed, and fill out a graduation application form, and pay some fees.

    Apparently, however, it will take around 4-6 months for them to give me the actual degree, despite having met with the adviser who confirmed I had all the required courses completed. I assume this is because it's currently the beginning of the semester, and they don't want to hand out degrees until after a semester ends.

    My question is, when completing a resume, would it be looked down upon, or seem dishonest to include associates degree when completing the part about education? (All of the applications are online)
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    Just put "(pending)"
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    Dr Transport

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    Just list the school, degree and date the diploma will be given, you can note the requirements/course completed as of X-date, awaiting diploma.
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    The problem is solved by including your date of convocation. Even HR types are savvy enough to know that if you've listed a date in the near future, the degree has not officially been awarded yet. Sometimes employers or graduate schools will extend conditional offers that end the conditional status when the candidate presents proof of having been awarded the degree.
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    Put the degree on the resume. Don't write "pending", as they may assume you still have classes and throw your resume away. Spell out the specifics along the lines of "program completed (date you finished your last class), diploma officially awarded (date you expect the diploma in the near future)"
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