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A résumé, sometimes spelled resume, called a CV in English outside North America, is a document created and used by a person to present their background, skills, and accomplishments. Résumés can be used for a variety of reasons, but most often they are used to secure new employment.A typical résumé contains a "summary" of relevant job experience and education. The résumé is usually one of the first items, along with a cover letter and sometimes an application for employment, which a potential employer sees regarding the job seeker and is typically used to screen applicants, often followed by an interview.
The curriculum vitae (CV) used for employment purposes in the UK (and in other European countries) is more akin to the résumé—a shorter, summary version of one's education and experience—than to the longer and more detailed CV that is expected in U.S. academic circles.
In South Asian countries such as India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh, biodata is often used in place of a résumé.

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  1. Wrichik Basu

    Other Updating Resume for Graduate School Admissions in India: Adding Online Courses

    I am about to start applying to different graduate schools in my country (India) for pursuing a Masters in Physics. Unfortunately, very few Indian universities actually want a resume, and offer admission based on competitive exams only. Nevertheless, I am updating my resume and keeping it ready...
  2. S

    Mathematica How to close a subsession and resume the main session?

    While running a long calculation in a cell, you can do Evaluation > Interrupt Evaluation. A dialog box appears, offering the option of starting a subsession. But it's not clear how to close the subsession and resume the original calculation. I couldn't find anything on the net.
  3. Y

    Job Skills Organizing Your Education on Your Resume

    Hello Friends, Can someone please provide some advice on how I should list my education on my resume? I know typically you are supposed to list your education in chronological order. This also typically aligns with the degree order as well (Associates, Bachelors, Masters, PhD). I went back to...
  4. M

    LaTeX Delete \entry Field in Resume Template: CurVe cv class

    Referencing this resume template, do you know how to delete the \entry field (dates) within the rubric (so that the text will align left without indentation)? I only want this for one rubric, but am unsure how to do this. Thanks so much!
  5. MathematicalPhysicist

    What do you think? When will the NHL 20/19 season resume?

    Will they resume to a regular season or straight to Playoffs? and when? Unfortuanately for me my team NJ Devils won't participate in this playoffs, hope for next year!
  6. A

    Engineering Resume improvement -- How best to word this experience?

    Hi I wrote a code in a specific topic, for example, Molecular dynamics How can I state it in my resume? "Code development of water transport through a carbon nanotube with the molecular dynamics method." "Molecular dynamics simulation of water transport through a carbon nanotube." OR? If...
  7. mfb

    B Thirty Meter Telescope can resume construction

    Larger telescopes collect more light and, thanks to modern adaptive optics, achieve a better resolution. After several telescopes with ~10 m diameter three projects aim at much larger telescopes:Giant Magellan Telescope (GMT), Chile, 24.5 m diameter, 368 m2 area Thirty Meter Telescope (TMT)...
  8. PainterGuy

    Help with writing a resume (and cover letter questions)

    Hi, I'm helping someone with writing a resume and had few questions. There is a final year project which is mostly covered during last 2 semesters of EEE BS program. But almost every semester also has a semester-end project. What's the proper term for such 'semester-end projects' or 'minor...
  9. CivilSigma

    Job Skills Should a resume include a "summary" section?

    I am a senior Civil Engineering student in my last study semester and I will begin to send out my resume in hopes of landing a job. I was wondering, is a "Professional Summary" section a standard practice for engineers looking for a job? Thank you in advance.
  10. E

    Other Writing a resume for data science positions

    Hello all, I revised a resume for data science positions. I empathized on skills that are needed for the positions like statistics/mathematics and programming. I mention that I am familiar with the theory of many machine learning algorithms and Python libraries used for data analysis. I still...
  11. A

    Other Trying to condense my resume

    I wanted to know if I should list every honor society and other organizations that I'm apart of or should I just pick a few? If I should pick a few then which ones are more important? Also, which conferences should I keep? I'm trying to condense my resume but I have a lot of leadership...
  12. VoloD

    Engineering Resume advice for Engineering/Physics Job Search

    Hello Everyone I have recently been working at a construction department for my state ( I live in the USA). I have learned so many things from this job, but I am looking for something more related to electronics, programming, or technical consulting. One of my points mentions creating...
  13. D

    Job Skills How to put publication on resume?

    I just recently published a 15 page educational handout on my college's website through my job. This handout does not have my name on it even though I spent weeks writing it. Instead, it has the name of the place that I work at. Can I put this on my resume? P.S. My boss is pretty mad at me...
  14. MacLaddy

    Engineering Resume tips for old worker, but new graduate

    Hello all, I'm hoping I can get some advice from the hiring managers out there in the engineering world. My position is a bit unique in that I am nearing my graduation date for a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering, but I also have over fifteen years of experience in facilities maintenance and...
  15. M

    Admissions CV Help: Community Service

    I have some community service experience but not very long in duration and is not related to my graduate direction (eg. I was tutoring Chinese for a semester). Should I still include it?
  16. Whitefire_Nomura

    Job Skills What side job in school looks good on a resume?

    Good morning everyone, Just a simple question. I plan to work while going to school. I want to build something relevant to an entry level resume when I graduate College. The only question is what? I had been sending out feelers in order to get back into the electronics field. But I've also been...
  17. Whitefire_Nomura

    Job Skills Posting Your Resume: What You Need to Know

    Is it okay to post one's resume on this forum?
  18. Whitefire_Nomura

    Job Skills Career Objective: Find the Right Fit

    Good morning all, I really need to find something else so I'm trying to get back into electronics with only 2 problems.1) All of my work history is pre 2000s and 2) the school I even attended and got my associates closed up for good in 2015. I have no problem starting at the bottom again, as...
  19. Whitefire_Nomura

    Engineering Mechanical Engineering: Electronics Technician Resume Benefits?

    Hello everyone, As I've said in my introduction I'm planning on going back to school but I want to do this right for once. I am shooting for a BA in mechanical engineering (Most likely part time cause of this strange thing I need to do also called paying bills) But I don't want to do just any...
  20. M

    Admissions Resume Tips for Medical Physics PhD Application

    General Tips on What to focus on, what to avoid? :woot: 3 Specific questions: Should I keep it in ONE page? I have been helping on a grant which has been approved by NIH, how much details of the project should I include in the resume: the detailed goal of the grant, grant number, etc? Should I...
  21. J

    Online Certificates/Programs to Supplement Resume

    I'm currently employed as a R&D chemical/materials engineer with almost two years of experience. I plan to quit my job soon and take 6-9 months to self-teach myself advanced engineering concepts and to develop certain skills I’ll need to succeed in my career. I have a well thought out plan on...
  22. S

    Physics Will taking a unrelated job help or hurt your resume?

    This summer I was able to get a job working in the Physics department experimenting with soft robotics and I really enjoyed it. I'm fairly certain I want to major in Computational and Applied Math, but I still might try to get the minor in Physics. My primary career interest is something related...
  23. P

    Other Will building a telescope help my resume?

    The Physics group at my university is building an optical telescope (it will have a dome the size of an 8mX4m room and the mirror will have a diameter of about 65cm.) and we might also build a radio telescope or an array of telescopes which will work as one giant telescope. Also, I heard that we...
  24. S

    Other Opinion on including a Sorority on Resume

    I'm a computational and applied math major with a physics minor and am considering rushing a sorority this fall but am concerned about how will it affect my career prospects. There are many claims that sororities improve leadership skills/build networks but I have a feeling that most of these...
  25. dkotschessaa

    Math "All but Qualifier" on resume?

    Due to the somewhat complicated birth of my son (who is actually doing awesome), and the resulting unemployment of my wife, I will need to find some work before I can finish my Master's (pure math). I am basically done course work, and have to finish my qualifier, which I was unable to study...
  26. DaveC426913

    Resume term for philanthropic industries in IT

    I'm looking for a term on my resume that might describe the industries related to education, medicine, not-for-profit organizations and similar spaces that 'make the world a better place'. I've worked in ad agencies, marketing, financial corporations and in the - as I call it - exploitation...
  27. B

    Fuzzy logic control vs PID [Resume]?

    I have found this topic but I am not allowed to answer. https://www.physicsforums.com/threads/fuzzy-logic-control-vs-pid.667717/ I have the same concern that the fuzzy is basically similar to a proportional control. In the thread I liked above, there is also this link...
  28. Hepth

    Job Skills Converting a CV to a Resume (from Academia to Industry)

    Does anyone have any good suggestions on what I should or should not include if I intend to apply to some industry-oriented jobs, coming from academia? When I was an engineer my resume had a lot more detail about the individual experiences of each job. That's fine and dandy, but what about my...
  29. R

    Other Cover letter for temp job

    I have a degree in mechanical engineering and have taken several computer science courses, so my resume since graduating in 2007 consists of engineering jobs along with my most recent software developer job, which I was laid off from a few months ago. I'm starting grad school next fall (2017)...
  30. P115007

    REU Application Question

    Hi everybody, good to be here, but cutting to the chase I have a question that I would love to get some feedback on: I have an REU application 99% done, all I need to do is submit it, but I am not sure about one thing. The application requests for a "cover letter describing my interests in the...
  31. D

    Schools Resume or CV for Graduate School Applications

    I have a bit of a dilemma with graduate school applications that I feel many people here would have encountered. Part of the applications requires either a CV or a resume, and I find that the list of my expierences, educations, presentations and awards is a little to short to be considered a CV...
  32. A

    Can I put on my resume "Applied Stats Major" instead?

    Hi, I will be majoring in Statistics at SFSU. However, while the curriculum is that of an Applied Statistics major (below is a link to a chart of the three offered emphasis, which we must choose one of out of ). Why, then, does the school call it "Statistics" instead of "applied Statistics"? And...
  33. A

    Building my resume as a 2nd year undergrad

    I am a second year physics undergrad at UCSB with a decent gpa (3.65). I am wondering if anyone here has any suggestions of things I should get involved with to improve my resume for future research/internships. As of now I do not have much of anything to put on a resume, besides non-physics...
  34. pdm0118

    Schools A question regarding grad school resume & essay

    Hello, I've recently applied for 2 Medical Physics graduate schools (MS). Shortly thereafter I realized a few minor problems with my application. I've noticed 2 one-letter typos in my essay, both were caused by changing the noun from singular to plural and not removing the -s after the verbs...
  35. gfd43tg

    Resume skills listing choice

    Hello, I am working on my resume, and I was wondering when listing my skills, should I use abbreviated versions for the skills. For example, in my field of study HPLC is an acronym forhigh performance liquid chromatography, but when I list it on my resume "skills" section, should I say HPLC or...
  36. Nietzsche_Keen

    Graduated No job yet. How can I stay current/relevant?

    First post in the forums. Looking forward to some great conversations. I took my ultimate exam for an A.A.S. in Instrumentation Technology, Electronics, and Bio-medical Equipment Repair Technology. I have an internship at a hospital SUPPOSEDLY scheduled to start in a month. I have plans to...
  37. sonicharmony

    Looking for a resume critique from a Nuke Pro

    Hey all, I graduated with a master's in Nuclear engineering last summer after I've spent the last 10 years working as an engineer in a totally different field. I have'nt had any bites for interviews, etc I was just wondering if maybe some of the working nuclear professionals on here might just...
  38. O

    Gap in resume due to school

    I went back to school and so I have a gap between now and my last job. It's a 3 year gap. Should I do anything about it, like put school as one of my 'jobs' in the list to close up that gap? I fear that putting school at the top of the resume will call attention away from my jobs that I...
  39. J

    Working for X through staffing agency Y: How to put on resume?

    Suppose you're working for Amazon through a tech staffing agency. How do you put that on your resume?
  40. J

    Resume objective concern

    Right now my objective is: Hands-on Mechanical Engineering student with demonstrated communication skills seeking an internship to gain experience in the field, and further develop as a mechanical engineer. Should I make this into a complete sentence? I see many objectives that aren't a...
  41. S

    Question Regarding Resume

    Hello all, Is it customary to provide insight into my academic interests, and details regarding those interests on my actual resume? I am rather ignorant as to how in depth a professional resume actually goes. I am creating the resume to get my foot into the industry in the Electrical...
  42. S

    Dust Off Your Resume: Tips, Formats & More

    I have found myself back in the unemployment pool recently. I realized that it was time to dust off my resume and start the job hunt once again. It has been a few years since I have been in the need of employment, but off I go once again. Since I have to get get back in the game and dust off my...
  43. Ascendant78

    Schools Questions about edX (opencourseware) on college resume?

    This coming semester, the only courses I have left to finish my AA are Calc III, Physics II, and ODE. So, I figured I would take some additional opencourseware since I will have the spare time. On that note, I was hoping some of you might give me insight into some questions I had regarding...
  44. NATURE.M

    Question about Tutoring resume

    So I'm looking to apply for a few tutoring positions in areas of algebra, calculus and physics (high school level). And I was wondering on my resume whether or not I should include relevant courses I've taken in University with brief descriptions (such as Mechanics, Linear Algebra, etc.), and...
  45. G

    C/C++ C++ pause and resume while(true) loop

    How to design a class, that executes an infinite loop, but may be paused, resumed and stopped by user input? I'll give you an example class Simulation { public: void start(){ m.init(); while(!m.isFinished()) m.update(); // computationally expensive calculation } void pause(); void...
  46. teroenza

    Grad School Resume - Include Poster Sessions?

    Hello, I am applying to graduate schools in physics, applied physics, and engineering. On my resume, I would like to know if people feel I should include summer research (REU,SULI) presentations, and poster sessions I have attended. The most important poster session would be one for the...
  47. C

    MOOC / Open Courses on Resume

    I have a question about how resumes can portray MOOCs (Udacity, etc.) and OCW (MIT, etc.) completions. Should one put such completed courses on a resume? I know some sites like Coursera have a Signature Track that allows you to pay a small amount and earn credit for the course. Others like...
  48. M

    Resume for a summer internship

    Hi all, I'm not sure if this should be here or in 'Academic Guidance' but I'm sure the mods will make that call. Anyway, I accepted a summer internship at JPL/NASA this summer and just received an email that had me complete some registration steps. One of the steps wants me to upload a...