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Claisen Rearrangement for this molecule

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    Hey all,

    I'm new here, but used to frequent in high school when I was having a lot of trouble with Physics. Now I'm taking O Chem and figured this could be a great resource to use again.

    I had this question on a quiz today, just wondering if I did the Claisen rearrangement for this particular molecule correctly.


    EDIT: Looks like you will have to click the thumbnail, then click the preview window that pops up to be able to view it normally. Sorry, drew it up in ChemDraw and exported as a gif, wasn't sure what file type would work best. Thanks to anyone who can help!

    EDIT 2: If anyone could move this to the Homework forum that would be great...figure it probably belongs there rather than here. Don't want to double post. Thanks!

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    Can't see what you did there but it looks to me like you forgot a double bond and your mechanism goes through a 5-bonds-to-carbon intermediate or final product. That's bad ju-ju any way you look at it.
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