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Problem when closing preview

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    I'm having some problems when closing the preview, while I am writing a reply to a post. After clicking the X to close the pop-up preview window, instead of coming back to the page with the post and the message I'm editing, I get sent to https://www.physicsforums.com/undefined [Broken]

    Thankfully, the back button brings me back to the page, with my reply still in the editing box. But it is annoying, especially since I must do lots of proofreading when posting (my fingers sometimes go faster than my brain o0)).

    Browser: Firefox 35.0.1, under Mac OS.
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    We are aware of this, thanks :)

    You can instead click off the overlay to close.
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    Is this a recent problem? Just curious as I noticed it yesterday.
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    Yeah I think within the past couple weeks
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    I've tracked down the problem and hope to fix it in the next few days
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