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Useful Tutorials for Organic Chemistry Software

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    This is a post sharing some easy to follow tutorials for students majoring in organic chemistry. Hope people in related needs can benefit from this resource.

    1, ChemDraw Magic - an advanced video lasts less than 15 minutes on drawing molecules faster. As an introduction, the presenter drew Viagra (sildenafil) under 20 sec and after watching the video, how to gain the quick drawing skill will be roughly impressed in mind. Chemdraw is a part of the chemoffice suit, and among the rest, the most commonly applied are Chem3D and Chemfinder.

    2, Chem3D, suggested by its name, is a tool for three-dimensional structure for compound and can bring more vivid cognition to a chemical. More interestingly, the 3D structure can be displayed in movement with a 360 degree presentation. Here is a serial of tutorial for quick learning-Short Video instruction for chem3D. Every video lasts less than 4 minutes. From easy to advanced, the content gradually increases in difficulty, but in general it would be one of the best way for a quick grasp. Here is a manual for the operation of it. http://www.ch.ic.ac.uk/local/organic/t5_instructions_chem3d.html

    3, ChemSketch is also briefly called ACD and can be used to draw both plain and 3D version of structures. The most prominent character of this software is its capability of predicting the names of the chemical with up to 50 atoms and 3 rings. A tutorial-How to draw structures in chemsketch Teens Technology is available.

    4, MarvinSketch, a part of ChemAxon, can be embedded into Microsoft Office. It’s introduced due to its capability in generating complicated structures. From this video, a brief knowledge about it can be learned.

    5, Chemfinder is a database manager and search engine for chemicals. It can be put into application both in Word and Excel files for the managing and searching for chemical structures related documents, spreadsheets, database, and files. However it’s not an independent software, but one incorporated into other softwares. The tutorial is available here-chemfinder guidance.

    6, Origin is a software for both graphing and analysis. It can be taken advantaged both by beginning learners and advanced professionals, and with easy operation system, no extra effort will be needed to finish the very first task. A short video tutorial for the entrance of this software is recommended-https://www.physicsforums.com/file:///D:/bai/%E5%B7%A5%E4%BD%9C%E7%BB%9F%E8%AE%A1/2016/4%E6%9C%88/articles/Origin%20tutorial%201 [Broken].

    7, Gauss

    Gauss is a mathematical and statistical system for computational chemistry. It helps to save time for the learning of computer languages including C++ and FORTRAN as it contains a powerful system that can meet much more complex needs in this aspect. Here is a tutorial for Gauss- Generating Data From a Linear Model

    If there are more comprehensive chemistry softwares with easy access, please share them in comments.
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    I added a link to sildenafil to show its chemical structure but it has been deleted for no reason.
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