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Homework Help: Classical Mechanics Acceleration under force F=-K/x^2

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    Here's a classical mechanics problem I'm having some trouble with:
    A particle of mass m moves on the positive x axis under the influence of a force F=-K/x^2, where K is a positive constant. The particle is released from rest at x=R at time 0. Find the velocity as a function of x as it accelerates towards the origin. Find the time at which it reaches the origin (you may need integral tables).

    The problem that I'm having is that the function that I get isn't defined at either x=R, or at x=0. Any help would be appreciated!
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    Hello macphysics. Welcome to PF !

    Show what your result is and how you got it.

    We can't help much without more details, and the rules of this forum forbid us from providing you with a solution, even if we were so motivated.
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