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News CNN special on genocide on right now

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    Just starting a thread about the subject, and letting people know that CNN is running a 2 hour special about the subject right now, 9 PM eastern, 6 PM western.
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    There is supposed to be an international law requiring action to be taken to help prevent and punish those who commit genocide, but has the law ever been enforced?

    It seams that presidents Reagan, Bush, and Clinton all violated the law. Why have there been no trials or convictions?

    In the case of Iraq, a U.S. company provided Saddam with the chemicals to make the gas he used. After he had used it and had begun committing genocide against the Kurds, HW continued to pour money and weaponry into Iraq. Why is this act of aiding genocidal dictators not punishable under the Law?

    Maybe the Law ought to be scrapped as it is never enforced, or maybe we ought to start abiding by it?
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