CNO Fusion Cross-sections for proton nitrogen-15

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I was reading the wiki page on CNO [ ] which says; for CNO-II;
"In a minor branch of the above reaction, occurring in the Sun's core 0.04% of the time, the final reaction involving 15N...does not produce carbon-12 and an alpha particle, but instead produces oxygen-16 "

Looking at the data on EXFOR the cross section for p,g is several orders of magnitude above p,a at Sun-ish 1~2 keV temperatures.

So my question is: Why does p,a even get a look-in on that reaction when p,g seems so much more likely based on EXFOR cross-section, yet is described as a minor side reaction?


Has EXFOR misplotted the p,g data?
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I am not sure why my original post title has been changed, as it doesn't seem to have any relation on the question I am asking.

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