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Cross section data, how to fill in the gaps?

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    I wanted information on the 18F production rates of 18O(p,n)18F compared to 20Ne(d,alpha)18F. I found a 1979 graph that showed some nice curves between 2.3 and 22 MeV but I wanted to see what things looked like between 1 MeV and 2.5 MeV. So I went here:

    and found a neat interface for extracting ENDF data (plus other data sources). However, when I selected "deuteron reactions", the only available data was for H, He and Li! And when I selected "proton reactions" while Oxygen was available it was only for 16O, not the 18O isotope.

    Any suggestions for data alternatives? There is a lot of data on neutron cross sections. Is this neutron data useful for getting reasonable transmutation estimates for p or d?


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    This tool looks like it can give me the data I'm looking for, plus it makes plots which was another part of my goal: EXFOR/CSISRS Experimental Nuclear Reaction Data.
    http://www.nndc.bnl.gov/exfor/index.htm [Broken]

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