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Threshold energy,cross section of incident proton on oxygen-18

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    Dear Forum:

    I would like to know where could I find
    charged particle interaction cross section for oxygen-18?
    I know I can get some of it from ENDF.

    Where can I get reference,like the threshold energy for 18O(p,n)18F is 2.5MeV and its cross section.

    How can I get the threshold energy and cross section and reference of them.
    p + O18 -> O17 + n + p
    p + O18 -> N14 + n + alpha

    or after 5MeV, 10MeV, 20 MeV different reaction will happen ?
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    The threshold energy is just energy (+momentum if you want to be precise) conservation.
    I have no idea about cross-section sources for various energies.
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    I believe one has identified the key source for such information. O-18 is relatively rare, 0.205% of natural oxygen. I believe one will have to go to the literature to find cross-sections and thresholds for p,n reactions.
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    I know that O-18 is a relatively rare element, so it's not easy to find information about it.
    Considering the most general one like O-16 in water,
    how could I know what kind of nuclear reaction will occur if charged particle like proton interact with it.
    There is 16O(p,a)13N.
    How to get information about if the incident proton energy is 10MeV, 20MeV.
    What other kinds of nuclear reaction occurs ?
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    I believe one has to go to the literature, most likely articles on cosmic radiation or solar protons and their interactions in the atmosphere.

    Brookhaven National Laboratory publishes cross-section data.


    One can then select particular reactions and databases, e.g.,
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    Astronuc , thanks for your response.
    I select all of the 8 library to find proton interaction with O-16,
    but it seems that I can not even find 16O(p,a)13N out of it.
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