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Schools College in or near Vancouver, BC

Hello fellow Physics enthusiasts!

I am new here and I want to start by asking a question. My family is migrating to Canada in May and I want to go to college, I am currently a 3rd year Electronics Engineering here in the Philippines. I thought of applying to the University but it seems that I have a low chance of getting in because of what happened to me earlier in my academic life. I got kicked out of the top university in our country(because of academic delinquency. I am so stupid I know). Now, I am planning on applying for college then transferring to a university eventually. So here is the question:in which college do you think I should go if I want to go to UBC or SFU and take up physics, and how long do I need to study in that college so that I can fulfill the admission requirements of both universities?

Capilano university, douglas college. They offer transfer programs. I'm sure you can look to find all of the colleges and then check out their websites. I hear capilano is great.
I see that Douglas is in burnaby, is it good?what can you say about its physics courses sir?Can they be transferred to the university? It might be best to say that we are planning to live in Surrey

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