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College location, networking, internships and finding a job

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    One thing besides the importance of education that I've always had drilled into my head is that I need to leave Ohio after college. My parents would probably kill me if I settled down here.

    That said, I'm currently stuck choosing between Case Western Reserve and Purdue. I like Case better, but one thing that was brought up to me is that if I go to Purdue, I'll get internships that'll lead me out of Ohio, but Case will probably leave me with Cleveland based internships. What I'm wondering is how much of an impact this will have on my ability to settle down where I want to. Right now, the idea of the pacific northwest is very appealing to me, as it has been for a while, and my girlfriend has also wanted to live there (though that really has nil effect as I realize that us both of us are in high school and sill could change a TON and whatnot)

    That said, I'm really thinking that after college (I'm currently leaning twoards Civil engineering, which means grad school and the P.E. exam as well since I want to have a good job that pays well) I'll want to get a job like 3K miles away or so. But I'm not sure where, and having options is VERY important to me.

    That said, what do you people think of this?
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    Since you do not mind relocating from your current location, attend the institution that will offer you an excellent balance of education, experience, and skills necessary to accomplish your goals while allowing you to remain flexible to changes around you.

    Converse with civil engineering alumni from both institutions to get a sense of what each institution has to offer and how alumni took advantage of those opportunities.
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