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Schools College's Near DC/Virgina Area ?

Hey everyone. :) I was just wondering if anyone knew off hand any good colleges around the DC/Virgina area (Less than two hours away from Crystal City...? I'd rather have it closer, but still.) that offer physics (Theoretical, not applied...)? I'm going to be an undergrad, but I want to transfer to somewhere closer to that area.
Any suggestions?
Thanks a ton!
The University of Maryland is probably the best school for physics/engineering in the DC/Metro area. Also, Johns Hopkins is only about an hour or so north of DC. George Washington Univ., and George Mason Univ. also have physics programs.
I can't speak for other schools, but I'll be going to the University of Maryland this fall and it has an excellent physics program, and their tenured faculty is about 75 strong, so there should be plenty of resources.


There is their website if you want to poke around for a bit.


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UMD (College Park) is real close and has an excellent Physics program. Johns Hopkins has a very good program too. Within about 2.5 hours from the DC area, you have UPenn (in Philly) and UVa (Charlottesville), which have great programs too.

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