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Colleges with good transfer scholarships?

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    Over the past two years I have done very well at my current college. I had been planning to transfer to the University of Maine (in-state) in the Fall of 2007, but I am learning now that they have very little scholarship money to offer transfer students (a 1-time $1000 transfer scholarship).

    I feel that my academic performance and testing scores make me a good candidate for scholarships, but I'm having trouble finding schools (private or public) that have decent scholarship programs (and decent engineering/science programs) for transfer (and adult) students.

    Any help would be appreciated.
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    What swimming times should I be aiming for in order to get a scholarship into a good college or university? For women what are the times that would qualify you to earn scholarships in all of the events for good colleges?? and if anyone knows specifications about applying for swimming scholarships like what qualifications you need and how much training you would put in and what getting a scholarship actually requires you to do when in the college would be good to know too! Or any other information that you know about the matter!
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    You might have better luck asking about this in a forum that specifically covers high school or college athletics, or even swimming in particular.
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