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Paying for school (Physics scholarships)

  1. Sep 17, 2015 #1
    Hello, I'm a first year student in pursuit of a physics degree and I'm just beginning to learn the hardships of paying out of pocket for college (and my school is relatively cheap, only about $9,000 a year before student loans.) But basically, I'm paying about $650 a month out of pocket by myself to get through school, which is quite difficult being that I only make about 800 a month on average. So it's no surprise that I've recently become very interested in looking for potential scholarships for school and I've heard some pretty crazy stories about what people can get scholarships for. That being said, I'm not entirely sure how true that is. I do know that physics is quite a rare major, at least where I'm from (produces about 7-12 undergrads a year at my university) and I was beginning to think that perhaps there was some kind of scholarships exclusive to physics majors that I could potentially look into. I was also just wondering about scholarships in general and was hoping I could have someone a bit more knowledgeable on the subject matter sort of guide me in the right direction in my search. Thanks in advance!
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    I highly recommend getting some research experience under your belt and applying for the Goldwater scholarship. You begin the application process as early as the fall of your sophomore year, and if you are selected you receive $7.5k for your junior and senior years (alternatively, you can apply in your junior year for $7.5k for your senior year). I
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    It's not clear where you are attending school, but for colleges and universities in the US, there should be a financial aid office you can check with to find out more about any scholarships for which you might qualify. Some scholarships may be privately funded, others may be funded by corporate donors.
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