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Combining Astrophysics and Engineering?

  1. Jan 28, 2015 #1
    Hi, I'm currently a freshman in high school and still considering what to do in the future, but right now my two top choices are Astrophysics and Engineering. I love physics at school so, SO much and doing something in that area would be great, but right now I'm torn between these two areas of physics. Is there a way to combine both of them together? Also, I'm not talking about Aerospace engineering...I'm thinking more along the lines of Chemical Engineering, but more to do with physics and astronomy instead. I'm not sure this makes sense but any help is totally welcome :)
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    There's lots of programs out there that combine physics and engineering, they're typicalled engineering physics, applied physics, or engineering science, University of Michigan is an example:


    Wisconsin-Madison has a program combining Physics, Engineering, and Applied Math:


    Chemical engineering doesn't use astrophysics at all, though astrophysics might use topics from chemistry to look at planetary atmospheres and whatnot. Aerospace engineering uses orbital dynamics to trace out spacecraft trajectories though and uses lots mechanics to look at fluids and materials for propulsion and electromagnetism if they're doing communication or advanced propulsion systems. Both are really big fields, best of luck with researching them.
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