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Combining Mathematica Surface's of Revolution

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    I've been plotting potentials and electric fields inside and outside shells; when I create 2 separate RevolutionPlot3D plots for the potentials (1) inside the shell and (2) outside the shell, I'd like to combine them into one plot. I tried using the Show function, but Mathematica doesn't appear to like that route. Any ideas about how to combine the plots?

    I've attached the 2 separate Mathematica plots as they exist at the moment.

    On a separate note, is there a way to plot using RevolutionPlot3D with a piecewise function? This would bypass the above problem and skip straight to the solution.


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    I've put the two different functions into a piecewise function, and then revolved a plot from that. The results are great... I just wish I knew why the plot doesn't show at r=1. (See attached)

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    I figured out that the range of Show defaults to that of the first plot, which would leave out most of the second plot in my case. So I used the option PlotRange->All and that fixed everything up...

    pic of corrected curve is attached.

    This has been a great monologue! Thanks for listening.


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