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Combustion and Compressible Flow

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    I'm currently a student and learning these two topics for a module. I've searched the net for many references but can't find anything that is really that helpful.

    Can anyone reference me any good links to questions and solutions regarding these topics? Also any books you guys would recommend would be a bonus!


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    Is there something specific about combustion and compressible flow that you would like to know about? There are tons of sites that have information so it would be helpful to know if you just want the general overview or something specific.

    Does your text book not have any information on it? Since this is for a course you're taking it would probably be the most relevant.

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    I have that book as well, definitely a good one, as well as anything else by him.
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    Cheers guy, will go into the Uni library and see if I can find some copies
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