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  1. S

    B How can I model a density function of a compressible fluid?

    I have a cylinder of some dimensions. I have a compressible liquid inside. Assuming a constant temperature, no atmosphere, no convection currents within, because it is in a cylinder, there will be no variations in density horizontally (the fluid will have time to settle). Now because there is...
  2. Davidkippy

    Aerodynamics course order?

    I'm going to be an aerospace/mechanical engineering student at UAH next year and I am coming up with my four year plan. Two courses, "fundamentals of aerodynamics" and "compressible aerodynamics", are not prerequisites for each other, and they are both required. Based on your experience with...
  3. yangshi

    Choked flow out of air compressor and wind tunnels

    I posted this on Eng-tips and no replies yet:( I'm trying to design an as-simple-and-cheap-as-possible supersonic wind tunnel using an air compressor (this even possible? given the energy losses from shock waves...). I have access to a Porter-Cable 150psi, .8hp air compressor. Questions: 1...
  4. J

    TI89 calculator solver in functions?

    I was wondering if it's possible to use the TI89 Titanium's built-in solver with programs. More specifically, for compressible flow problems, I'd like to calculate mach number based on area ratio, specify whether the flow is subsonic or supersonic, then do something with the corresponding...
  5. steves1080

    How to size an orifice on a vent line

    I would like to install a vent stone on a 3/4" vent line. The line vents upwards of 1500 psig of stored gasous nitrogen in under 1 second. The vent stones are only rated for 300 psig, so I'd like to add an orifice just upstream to limit the exit flow rate to a point where it can handle the...