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Commenting on Insights in the forum

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    Stephen Tashi

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    How can I get from an article in the Insights section to the thread in the regular forum that comments on it ?

    Occasionally, I see a notice in the forums that so-and-so has posted an insight and this links to thread where comments on the insight can be made with the same editor that is used for the forums. But when I look at an Insight directly, I don't see a way to get to a place where I can use the forum editor.

    - and is the editor in Insights section supposed to have a preview option ?
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    There should be a button link at the end of the article content that takes you to the forum comment thread
  4. Jul 25, 2016 #3

    Stephen Tashi

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    That's bad news ! The Insights section is sluggish on my computer. Scrolling down a page that has a lot of mathematical symbols and a lot of comments takes a long time.

    Is there a way to find the comments-on-insights threads from the main forum ? Do new comments appear under "Forums ->new posts" ?
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    I can't read the Insights on my iPad (version 1). It is sluggish now on many websites, but the Insights just won't "load" at all. I have to read them on another computer.
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    As a workaround, I sometimes do a text search for "Discuss in the Community" in an insights article. This directly takes me to the link to the discussion in the forum.
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    I have considered disabling comments shown in the article to end the confusion.
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    In the forum, insights threads are just regular forum threads, so they should appear in the same way all other threads do.
  9. Jul 31, 2016 #8

    Stephen Tashi

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    If I edit a comment to an Insight in the forum, does that edit (eventually) get made on the comments on the Insights page?

    Given current technology, I think it would less confusing to have the full comments only appear in the forum. For one thing, lengthy comments on the Insight page can discourage people from reading the Insight, just because it makes the Insight page take a long time to load. The Insight page could contain some abbreviation of the comment - like the first line of it. (That would encourage commentators to use apt "topic sentences" to begin their comments.)
  10. Jul 31, 2016 #9
    Yes it should load fresh from XF thread each time
  11. Jul 31, 2016 #10

    Stephen Tashi

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    My first comment on the Insights page to "Acoustic 'beats' from mismatched musical frequencies" has (at the moment) a wrong link, but in the "Discuss In The Community" thread, my edit of that link in the first post was implemented.
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