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Commenting on Insights Articles

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    I just read an insights article, and then clicked on "Post Comment" at the bottom. The comment edit window that came up was sans the standard tools usual when posting to a thread. I mean the icon toolbar that appears above the edit box; they didn't appear.

    I wrote a comment, and clicked post, but the page didn't refresh. So then I looked up the thread on the comments on the article, and aha my post had been posted after all.

    It sounds like some GUI problems when you start with a link to an Insights article, as opposed to finding the article's thread in the normal forums.

    A simple solution, might be to replace the list of comments plus "Post Comment" button at the bottom of an Insights article, with a button that says "Visit The Comments Thread".
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    Best bet is to click the "Discuss in the Community" button at the bottom of the Insight which will take you to the thread in the forum. What Insight was this? Perhaps I forgot to add the button.
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