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Commercial applications of Artificial Intelligence/Data Mining/NLP

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    I am looking at companies for my second year internship as a CompSci undergraduate, specifically I am thinking of Artificial Intelligence/Data Mining/Natural Language Processing.

    I would be grateful for any tips on commercial companies that carry out some work in this field, as it does not seem very frequent.

    It can be pretty much anywhere in Europe, though I would expect UK will come out as most frequent anyway; in fact the only reason for excluding US is simply that the flight there and back would be too costly for me, who can just afford EasyJet flights.

    I have already found Autonomy, inc. and InforSense and certainly include Google and Microsoft.

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    Amazon? "We noticed you bought X. Would you be interested in Y, which 95% of those who bought X also bought?"

    EDIT: I believe Mobipocket, their ebook division, is based out of France, but they probably piggy-back on the main Amazon system. And welcome to PhysicsForums!
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