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Homework Help: Complicated Physics problem involving velocity and acceleration

  1. Sep 26, 2012 #1
    2. An object undergoes uniformly accelerated motion from point x1 = 6 m at time t1 = 3 s to point x2 = 40 m at time t2 = 7 s. (The direction of motion of the object does not change.)

    (a) If the magnitude of the instantaneous velocity at t1 is v1 = 2 m/s, what is the instantaneous velocity v2 at time t2?

    ______ m/s

    (b) Determine the magnitude of the instantaneous acceleration of the object at time t2.

    ______ m

    I've been at this problem for 4 hours straight and I keep getting it marked as wrong...can someone please solve this for me -.- I've literally wasted so much time on this one and the one below...

    3. Jack and Jill are on two different floors of their high rise office building and looking out of their respective windows. Jack sees a flower pot go past his window ledge and Jill sees the same pot go past her window ledge a little while later. The time between the two observed events was 4.6 s. Assume air resistance is negligible.

    (a) If the speed of the pot as it passes Jill's window is 59.0 m/s, what was its speed when Jack saw it go by?

    (b) What is the height between the two window ledges?
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    Please follow the posting template. If you've been at it for four hours you should have some idea about the relevant equations. Can you present an attempt? We have to see what you've tried in order to know how to help.
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