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Homework Help: Component method vector problem

  1. Sep 6, 2009 #1
    Use the component method to find the resultant(direction and magnitude) of the three forces shown.

    Could someone please verify my answers or tell me where I went wrong.

    Ax = 500 Cos 30 = -433N
    Ay = 500 Sin 30 = -250N
    Bx=-250 N
    By= 0
    Cx=200 Cos 20 = 187.9N
    Cy= 200 Sin 20 = 68.4N

    R = (-433-250+187.9)I + (-250 + 0 + 68.4)j
    = (-495.1, -181.6)
    R = sqrt(-495.1^2 + -181.6^2)
    = 527N

    Tan Theta = 318.4 / 370.9
    Theta = 20.1 deg.

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    Re: Vectors

    That seems right.

    Looks like the "318" and "370" are typos, and that you actually (and correctly) used 181.6/495.1 instead.

    You'll also need to specify which half-axis that angle is measured from (+x, +y, -x, or -y), and whether the angle is above/below/right/left of that half-axis.

    If you don't specify that, people normally assume it's from the +x axis, in the counterclockwise direction.
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