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(CompTIA Linux+ certifications) How to become more of a detail-oriented learner

My question is how to improve my detail-oriented learning style. I admit that I struggle to learn through books as opposed to online courses or hands on. The company that I currently work for agreed to pay for my CompTIA certifications to help me transfer into the tech department. I don't make enough to afford Linux academy on my own. I already bought textbooks for the Linux+ certification. As I said, I struggle to learn through books. My question is how do I learn to absorb textbooks and try to become more of a detail oriented learner?


Everyone learns a bit differently, so it's fine to augment book learning with other methods of learning and practicing the material.

Can you give examples of things that you are having trouble with in your current book learning? Does it seem to be more of a difficulty memorizing things, or interrelating things, or grasping overall concepts?

Do you have a Mentor or two at work? It seems like there should be people there who are already in the department that you are shooting for that would be willing to help you with advanced questions. You shouldn't ask them about every little thing, but it's nice to have an experienced resource that you can go to when you get stuck on the harder concepts, IMO.

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