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Homework Help: Compute the position of the sandbag

  1. May 15, 2007 #1
    compute the position of the sandbag at a time 0.330 s after release. v=5.00m/s & h=40.0m. i have tried using the equation x=xo+voxt+1/2axt^2, but i still can't get the answer.
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    I would suggest two things. First, that this be posted in the homework forum, and second, that you show us your attempt, and then we'll be more willing to help you.
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    yeah show us your work so we can help you..
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    Also, it may be better in future if you put in the title of your thread something that related to the question, since then when helpers are scanning through the list of threads, they will know whether they are able to help or not. (It's really in your best interest, since you will then get more people looking into your thread :smile:)
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