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Computer Engineering or Computer Science?

  1. Jan 9, 2013 #1
    Sorry for yet another topic on the subject, but my question is very objective.

    I don't know which one I choose. I'm a programmer with 10 years of experience so I like it and want a degree about it, not hardware. Artificial intelligence, data mining, algorithms and so on. So you'd say CS. The problem is: I've asked people on it, at my university (UFRJ), and they say it's actually mostly programming. And the name of the degree is actually "Computer and Information Engineering".

    So my questions are, basically:
    1. Does Computer Engineering still pay more?
    2. Can I apply to CS jobs (Facebook, Google etc) having a CE degree?
    3. Is that degree actually oriented towards programming? Please, look it: http://goo.gl/SNphH [Broken] (use Chrome's translator)

    Edit: this might help
    Code (Text):

    Algorithms and Programming
    Enter Eng Comput and Information
    Logic Circuits
    Experimental Physics I
    Physics I -
    Calculus I

    Digital Systems
    Programming Languages
    Experimental Physics II
    Physics II - A
    Calculus II
    Linear Algebra II

    Data Structures
    Computer Architecture
    Theory of Computation
    Physics III
    Experimental Physics III
    Calculus III

    Statistics and Probabilist Mod.
    Theories of Graphs
    Computers and Society
    Physics IV
    Experimental Physics IV
    Quimica EE
    Calculus IV

    Computational Linear Algebra
    Mathematical Logic
    Operating Systems
    Computer Networks I
    Experimental Chemistry EE

    Computational Intelligence
    Software Engineering
    Computer Networks II
    Graphic Computation

    High Performance Computing
    Knowledge Management I
    Distributed Systems
    Advanced Programming

    Entrepreneurship I
    Construction Database
    Software Quality
    Graduation Project
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  4. Jan 14, 2013 #3


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    Hey MrDocat.

    If you have programming experience you should probably just apply for those jobs since you have real experience.

    What kind of projects and domains have you worked on?
  5. Jan 19, 2013 #4
    chiro, I have maintened a tibia server (online game) for a few years and have been making a programming language for the last months aswell as minor projects such as sites and a tibia client.

    Why you say so?

    College on my country is free I should note. You think a diploma isn't worth it anymore?
  6. Jan 19, 2013 #5


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    I say so because if you have some solid experience, then you could apply for jobs given that experience.

    Real experience and completing real projects is much more valuable than having a degree or diploma.

    If you have worked on real completed projects with say half a dozen programmers and other support workers on a complex project, then going to university or college will be a waste of time for you since you would already have the experience to apply for work.
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