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Is this Computer Science or Computer Engineering?

  1. Aug 17, 2015 #1
    Hi all, I would really appreciate someone taking a guess what this program equates to in English (whether it is Computer Science, Computer Engineering, IT or something else).

    I'm currently living in a non-English speaking country but will possibly be moving to Europe after graduating (my mom is European) so I'm trying to figure out what this degree would translate to in a Western country.

    I've translated the curriculum to English as best I could (there may be mistakes because I'm not familiar with technical language). I just want to know what this program resembles in your opinion. Is it "computer science" or something else?

    Thank you in advance!

    The program's name is basically "Engineer in Informatics" (which I know doesn't exist as a degree or job title in English)


    Mathematical analysis
    Informatics (also translated as computer science/computing)
    Intro to Information Engineering


    Analytic Geometry and Algebra
    Algorithms and data structure
    English I
    Practice/lab I


    Mathematical Analysis II
    Physics II
    Algorithms and Programming I
    Systems of Representation


    Statistics and Probability
    Analysis of electronic circuitry
    Algorithms and Programming II
    Systems and Electronic technology
    Practice/lab II


    Mathematical Methods of Engineering
    Circuits and Electronic Measurements
    Architecture of Data Writing Systems
    Data Management
    Object Oriented Programming


    Computer Networks
    Architecture of Data Writing Systems II
    Automatic Control Systems
    Operational Systems
    English II
    Practice/Lab III

    SEMESTERS 7 to 10

    Operational Research
    Software Engineering
    Economics and Business Management
    Information Systems Security
    Simulation and Modeling
    Environment Management
    Professional Practice and the Law
    Practice/Lab IV

    Orientation-based Courses
    Practice/Lab V

    Practicum/Supervised Practice
    Thesis of Engineering


    Businesses and Systems
    Software Quality
    Systems design
    Database Management
    Human Resources
    Business Administration

    Signal Writing and Theory
    Network Management and Technology
    Methodologies in Identification and Control
    Automation Software Architecture
    Artificial Intelligence
    Automation and Planning of Production Systems

    Signal Writing and Theory
    Network Management and Technology
    Distributed Programming
    Router Architecture and Protocols
    Distributed Programming II
    Design and transmission of Multimedia data
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  3. Aug 18, 2015 #2
    Looks like a combination of both Computer Science and Computer Engineering.

    Traditionally Computer Science is software oriented. Apart from introductory logic, number bases, circuits & gates, it mainly deals with algorithms, data structures, language (low level, high level), compiler design, simulations, game theory, etc.

    Computer Engineering is hardware oriented. Design, layout, topology, thermal considerations, power management, chip design.

    Your course outline covers all the above and more.
  4. Aug 18, 2015 #3
    Thanks so much! That's very good news. So this would be like having a double major? I was afraid this might be a fluffy program or something that was more geared toward going into business (I would rather be a scientist or engineer than do that). I'm not very tech savvy at the moment but hopefully will be able to keep up with this program as universities where I am are few and far between and this seems like one of my best options.
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