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Computer Engineering recommendations?

  1. Feb 26, 2013 #1
    Hi guys, I recently got accepted into uf (yay!). I want to pursue a major in electrical or computer engineering, but I really want to get into building things like robotics. I'm really good at math and done well on the APs for physics and chem.

    anyways, heres a list of all EE classes:

    Programming for CISE Majors 1
    Programming for CISE Majors 2
    Applications of Discrete Structures
    Introduction to Computer Organization
    Data Structure and Algorithms
    Introduction to Software Engineering
    Operating Systems
    Analytical Methods in Electrical Eng.
    Introduction to Signals and Systems
    Electronic Circuits 1
    Circuits 1
    Circuits 2
    Digital Logic and Computer Systems
    Electrical and Computer Eng. Design 1
    Digital Design
    Microprocessor Applications
    Electrical and Computer Eng. Design 2
    Integrated Product and Process Design 2
    Solid-State Electronic Devices

    Future of Microelectronics Technology
    Microelectronic Fabrication Technologies
    Radio-Frequency Electronics
    Introduction to Nanodevices
    Basic Electric Energy Engineering
    Remote Sensing in Eng.: Science, Sensors, & App.
    Electromagnetic Fields and Applications 1
    Electromagnetic Fields and Applications 2
    Programming for Electrical/Computer Eng.
    Electrical Energy Conversion Laboratory
    Electronic Drives and Motor Control
    Power Electronic Circuits
    Optical Communications Systems
    Optics for Engineers
    Fundamentals of Photonics
    Antenna Systems
    Communication Systems and Components
    Communication Laboratory
    Noise in Devices and Communication Sys.
    Audio Engineering
    Data Computer Communications
    State Variables and Controls
    Linear Control Systems
    Linear Control Systems Laboratory
    Intelligent Machines Design Laboratory
    Digital Computer Architecture
    Reconfigurable Computing
    Principles of Computer System Design
    Introduction to Digital Signal Processing

    So, from the list, can any of you advise which group of classes relate to making robots and related systems. And sorry, I really like robots. :biggrin:

    Thanks in advance!
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  3. May 3, 2013 #2
    Surely you must choose :
    -Linear Control Systems
    -Linear Control Systems Laboratory
    -Remote Sensing in Eng.: Science, Sensors, & App.
    which are closely related to robotics, indeed controls engineering is the core of robotics systems, and additionally in robotics there is an extensive use and study of sensors and technology related to it...
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