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How many Advanced Engineering courses in semester?

  1. Aug 22, 2014 #1
    I want to get done by 2017 or before...I started college in 2012 and switched major to Electrical Engineering , double major Philosphy :D

    come next summer I'll have the core engineering classes remaining and 7 philosophy courses to get that degree.

    My question is how many advanced engineering courses and the combinations of these classes can realistically take to get done as soon as possible. I don't know the " difficulty " level of these classes so I wanna know if I can so 3 per semester, or 4 per semester

    These are the engineering classes at my school
    Circuits 2
    Introduction to Logic Design
    Electronics 1
    Analysis of Linear Systems
    Stochastic Processes and Random Signal
    Laboratory 1
    Electronics 2
    Electrical Engineering Practice
    Electromagnetic Fields and Waves
    Introduction to Microcontrollers
    Microcontroller Lab
    Laboratory 2
    Engineering Design 1
    Engineering Design 2
    Control Systems Lab
    Communication Systems Lab
    EEL 4512L
    Control Systems 1
    Communications Systems
    Introduction to Digital Signal Processing

    Of those three can do I the first three , next semester next three. For example

    Circuits 2
    Introduction to Logic Design
    Electronics 1

    Fall 2015
    Analysis of Linear Systems
    Stochastic Processes and Random Signal
    Laboratory 1

    So on and so forth. Or there any classes on this list where they're too " hard" to do in a combination with other classes.

    I'm the type who loves gaining knowledge, challenging and pushing myself.

    But I would like some advice from somebody who's done these types of engineering classes and has a better grasp of what these classes entail.

    Thanks in advance!
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  3. Aug 22, 2014 #2


    Staff: Mentor

    Welcome to PF!

    It's very hard to answer your question as we don't know the course syllabus nor the difficulty.

    Your best bet would to talk to your advisor and other students at your school who have gone through these courses before.

    In general it's a bad idea to rush things and take 3 or more courses in your major at the same time. It's better to take 1 or 2 and complete your non major requirements at the same time.

    Think of it like a dinner, you have the most nutritious stuff first before you have dessert. Your interesting major courses are your dessert. Also as you progress through your major like junior and senior year things will get much tougher and you need to pace yourself to avoid burnout.
  4. Aug 23, 2014 #3
    It should be perfectly reasonable to take 3-4 core EE courses in a semester. I started at a community college and I transferred to a university...I pretty much have EE core classes left and nothing else to fluff out my schedule.

    Last spring I took
    -digital system design + lab
    -circuits 1 (AC and DC RLC circuit analysis) + lab
    -modern physics/physics 3
    -thermo fluids

    Now this fall (already started)
    -electronics 1 + lab
    -embedded systems + lab
    -electromagnetic fields
    -semiconductor device physics
    -12 hours of research a week

    Of course a lot depends on the actual content of the class, not just the names. I can post course descriptions to give you an idea but that shouldn't matter too much.

    If you devote a few hours a day to course work/studying you should be able to maintain a strong GPA and graduate in a timely fashion.

    I find that the core classes actually complement each other well. For example in semiconductor physics I learn the physics behind Transistors and then in electronics I learn how to use them in design.

    Hope that helps.
  5. Aug 24, 2014 #4
    Thanks for the reply and the advice. I'm going to talk to students who have done this, but 1 or 2 would really take too long at this point.
  6. Aug 24, 2014 #5
    Thanks, this answer gave me a lot of insight and now know I can theoretically do 3-4 classes and pass them.

    I've heard too many times that such and such class is hard, or you shouldn't take two math classes a semester. But it never turns out to be as hard as they say. I think I just have a different mentality.

    I look forward to these engineering classes
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